About me

Hello there! My name is Tarık Yurt, I’m a software engineer, that’s all. I have interest in various areas revolving around the similar goals:

  • Currently interested in the relationship between software development and software operations. Trying to understand the problems in-between, how to utilize tools to fix these problems, and spread the reasoning.
  • 💂‍♂️ Passionate about my personal toolbelt, such as Vim, Tmux, Git, etc.
  • Kinda polyglot now (Java, Go, Python, Kotlin? sometimes Javascript… and YAML) I do have a special love for Go, though. Life should be more than JVM :)
  • Trying to automate myself out of the job.
  • Experienced in some of the tools in the massive automate-everthing tools area
  • ChatOps is the present (because who doesn’t love terminal-like interaction in modern chat tools?)
  • Believes in simplicity. Sometimes (more than sometimes) a little copy is better than that cool abstraction that’ll come handy sometime in the next three years but makes everyone who reads/debugs the code reason about it for at least 15 minutes.
  • Twitter account is mostly for following people around.
  • I follow enough newsletters to publish a newsletter of weekly trending newsletters (I think that’s what most newsletters do TBH). Mostly in DevOps, SRE, cloud technologies/providers area.
  • I’m in the mood of sharing some small to medium length blogposts for a while.

Other than that? Father, husband, biker 🏍, bookworm, guitar student, and student for life.

We can talk forever why Vim is better than that awesome IDE, or why we all should avoid GUIs to manage git, or why we shouldn’t tag people/teams as DevOps, or why everyone should understand how running things in production matters, or why everyone contributes to that codebase should be on-call and outsider on-calls is really a bad idea, or how monitoring is important and you should care about your metrics, or what observability means (well, I’ll mostly be silent in this one), or …